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Gillian Anderson as Morticia Addams

Christina Ricci might never have posed as her cinematic mom Morticia Addams, but the wonderful and mysterious Gillian Anderson, did.

Anderson posed as Morticia Addams in 1997 for photographer Mark Seliger for US Magazine. The 1990s, that was the decade The X-Files was very popular.

Personally, I am not waiting on a Addams Family reboot at all, but if one would ever come to pass, Anderson would be a wonderful Morticia.

Here’s another pic of the same session.

Source pic: 365 Days of Horror.

Wednesday Grew Up Nicely

Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday Addams in the films from the 1990s, dressed up as her ‘mother’ Morticia Addams. How little Wednesday has grown up nicely.
Ricci starred as Wednesday in The Addams Family in 1991, and again in Addams Family Values in 1995. Anjelica Houston played mommy Addams in these films.

Sadly, this pic that circulated on the web in 2015 appears to be photoshopped.

Oh, well, we can always dream of Ricci playing Morticia in a fictional reboot of the franchise. Besides, plenty of movies in which Ricci stars to watch.

Amsterdamned, Rotterdamned en Halloween Horrorshow

Wie van Halloween en Horror houdt, komt in oktober goed aan z’n trekken met de Halloween Horrorshow, Amsterdamned en Rotterdamned. Allemaal georganiseerd door Mr. Horror Jan Doense.

Van woensdag 25 tot en met vrijdag 27 oktober vindt in het Amsterdamse Filmtheater Kriterion, Roetersstraat 170, de tweede editie plaats van genrefilmfestival Amsterdamned. Tien nieuwe en oude films zullen worden vertoond in de genres horror, fantasy, sciencefiction & cult.

Zaterdag 28 oktober kunnen de liefhebbers zich vanaf 24:00 uur in Pathé Tuschinski Amsterdam en in 21 andere steden bij de Halloween Horror Show onderdompelen in horror van het zuiverste water.

Zaterdag 4 november wordt in KINO Rotterdam, Gouvernestraat 129-133, onder de titel Rotterdamned een speciaal programma gepresenteerd ter gelegenheid van de 25ste verjaardag van de Nederhorrorklassieker De Johnsons.

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Straight to Video: Happy Halloween!

Schokkend Nieuws en LAB 111 in Amsterdam presenteren iedere laatste vrijdag van de maand het ultieme video-avondje: Straight to Video. Twee films op originele VHS, vanaf een old school videorecorder, met glitches, trailers, bloed, borsten en bier! Video zoals video bedoeld is!

Op 27 oktober staat Straight to Video helemaal in het teken van Halloween. VHS-verzamelaars Willem van Rossum (LAB111) en Eric van der Woude (Video Basta) vertonen twee komische horrorfilms die perfect zijn om deze griezelige feestdag mee in te luiden.

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Mushroom Party on Vlieland

My girlfriend and I spent a couple of days on the wonderful island Vlieland. It’s one of the Wadden Islands. It’s rather small with a population of 1,100 people – tourists not included.

The island is lovely and has a great diversity when it comes to nature; you have the North Sea, beaches and dunes, and forests. And, it appeared to showcase a great diversity in mushrooms. It’s a great sign autumn has really arrived, which makes me a very happy camper.

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